Take a look at our full timetable for Adults, Kids and Mum & Baby classes to ensure you're not late for class!

Time Class Duration
9.15am Punch Fit NEW 45mins
10.00am Body Pump 55mins
5.45pm Body Balance NEW 55mins
18.30pm BBX HIIT 55mins
19.30pm Boxing Bootcamp NEW 45mins
19.30pm Pound Fit 45mins
20.15pm Aerobics NEW 45mins
Time Class Duration
6.15am Circuits NEW 45mins
9.15am Bootcamp 45mins
10.15am BBX 45mins
18.30pm Clubbercise 45mins
19.20pm Body Pump 45mins
20.15pm Pilates NEW 45mins
Time Class Duration
6.15am HIIT / Weights / Core 45mins
9.15am HIIT / Weights / Core 45mins
10.00am Body Balance 55mins
17.45pm Body Pump 45mins
18.30pm Pound Fit 45mins
19.30pm Punch Fit NEW 55mins
19.30pm Bootcamp (coming soon) 45mins
Time Class Duration
6.15am Pound Fit 45mins
9.15am Body Sculpt 45mins
18.30pm Body Pump 45mins
19.20pm Step NEW 45mins
20.15pm Yoga 60mins
Time Class Duration
9.15am Bootcamp NEW 45mins
9.15am Insanity 45mins
10.15am Body Pump 55mins
11.30am Mums & Baby 45mins
18.30pm Burlexercise NEW 45mins
119.15pm Clubbercise 45mins
Time Class Duration
7.30am Circuits NEW 45mins
8.45am Total Combat 30mins
9.15am Body pump 55mins
Time Class Duration
9.00am Bootcamp 55mins
9.15am BBX 45mins
10.15am Pound Fit 45mins
16.00pm Body Balance 55mins
Time Class Duration
17.00pm POUND FIT Yr3+ 30mins
17.00pm KIDS GLOW YR3 YR4 YR5 YRS 30mins
Time Class Duration
16.00pm POP DANCE Rec Yr1 Yr2 30mins
16.30pm STREET DANCE Yr3 Yr4 Yr5 Yr6 30mins
Time Class Duration
16.30pm Kids Camp Yrs 5+ (not running) 30 mins
Time Class Duration
16.00pm BBX FIT         Yr1 & Yr2 30mins
16.30pm BBX FIT         Yr3 Yr4 Yr5 Yr6 30mins
15.00pm BBX FIT         Yr7+ 30mins