Helen Watts

You are an inspiring and motivational fitness instructor and generally a lovely fun person to be around…and occasionally, actually quite often, slightly bonkers. I just wanted to say a massive thank you to you for your positive input into my health and wellbeing over the last 4.5 years, since I joined the SWF family. I signed up for a 1-week trial back in 2017 with absolutely no previous group exercise experience and completely out of shape (my BMI has luckily always been normal), but my body had no strength (I was affectionately described as a bit ‘floppy’ for the first few weeks). I was also, and I’m still very much a work in progress on this, very very uncoordinated.

Therefore, the thought of dancing or having to follow complicated routines absolutely ….and still does.. scare the life out of me!! But, Lorraine offers classes for everyone with all abilities and also helps to encourage you on which classes she thinks you’ll like. After 1 week of trying pretty much everything – except Clubbercise (people watching me trying to dance, wearing neon and waving glow sticks – NEVER… ) I found several classes I absolutely loved. I was welcomed into the SWF family as a complete novice with pretty much no strength and zero group exercise classes (unless you count school PE??). Over the months and years Lorraine has motivated and encouraged me, in really fun and entertaining classes, to basically…. get fitter. I’m still working on it every week – but I can honestly say that I feel proud to have a strong fitter body thanks to Lorraine. I’m am completely convinced that there is at least one class that Lorraine offers that you will absolutely love.

New SWF Member

I signed up for the week trial of your classes, I attended Hiit online as I was really worried about starting a new class and attending, it’s been a really long time since I have done any exercise classes, my anxiety of attending was through the roof, I then chose to attend clubbercise on Tuesday, live in the barn, I can’t dance and have no rhythm, after your encouragement I managed to pull into the car park but sat there thinking about turning around, thankfully I didn’t. It was the most fun I’d had in ages. It didn’t matter I didn’t know the moves, everyone was really welcoming and encouraging. So much so I have ordered my own glow sticks and look forward to next week’s session. Hopefully I may become more co-ordinated in time!! This evening was kettle bells and mobility, I won’t lie, it was hard, but once again, it was fun and everyone so friendly. I think I am fast becoming a convert and excited about joining the SW fitness group. Thank you so much. All my worry and anxiety has been short lived. Look forward to seeing you again next week!

Tammy Root

Joining SWF with Lorraine is honestly one of the best things I have done in my life. I havent felt this motivated in a long long time. Lorraine has built my fitness level up over the past year and is truly the best fitness instructor you could ask for!!!! She has helped me every step of the way physically and mentally and i am eternally grateful.The classes at SWF are so varied, there is something for everyone,come and join this amazing little family and gain a new lease of life!!

Marcia A

Great instructor, fab atmosphere and lots of friendly faces – great group to be part of!

Angela H

My daughter suggested I try Saffron Fitness and meet the amazing Lorraine. I have always enjoyed keeping fit, working out and jogging, but never in a class or group.  I have had hip operations, shoulder surgery and back problems over the last few years so my fitness inevitably dropped.  I was a bit worried that I would not be able to cope, keep up or just feel consigned to the scrap heap!  So, my clutch of concerns and wobbly self confidence, I made my first bookings for classes.  I joke that I’m the oldest ‘girl’ attending – and I may well be – but Lorraine and the ladies welcomed me right from the very beginning and I soon felt part of the family and party.  Lorraine discreetly gives me options if some of the exercises are too strong for me, but the energy, sense of achievement and empowerment within the class groups are medicine in themselves. I feel I have more energy generally and I’m sure my aches and pains are at a lower level because of the challenges I’m embracing in the classes. Smiles and laughter are a guaranteed ‘side-effect’.  Body Pump has given me strength and pushed my boundaries to a level that I thought was beyond me.  Insanity is just insane, but addictive too, and Clubbercise brings out my inner dance diva. I can’t recommend the classes highly enough – whatever age or fitness level – you will fit in! I’m the short one at the front with the silly grimace of determination…

James Lane

What I like is the real enthusiastic and honest approach all the teaching team adopt, and the fact there is an injection of making it fun.  Everyone is welcome to come and participate in the classes.  For me it is all about what exercise I can do in the time available and the variety and timing seems to suit our family dynamics (at the time of writing this..).  Having a group of like-minded individuals to share the pain also helps sometimes!

Angela Rule

When I had my second baby I thought I would never want to look at myself in the mirror again, however I came across saffron Walden fitness. joining these classes was probably one of the best decisions I have ever made. The classes cater for every fitness level you are at and the results you get are pretty much instant. The diet tips are amazing and I have tried meals I never thought I would and you can also have homemade treats which are so easy to make. I was a size 14 when I started this and 4 months later I am now a size 10 and never thought I would love exercise so much, I highly recommend saffron Walden fitness and Lorraine, lynda and Tracey are there to help you every step of the way.

Sophie Lane

James and I have been training with Lorraine for around 3 years doing a mixture of classes and bootcamps. I personally have loved the camaraderie and fresh air that comes with bootcamps and am loving the brilliant variety of new classes at SWF studios.  My favourites are Body Pump, Boxercise and Clubbercise, giving me a fantastic mix of workouts.  I always know I can come along to a bootcamp on a Friday morning to get some fresh air after a few days stuck in the office at work. Lorraine and her team have put great thought into the timetable to make it work for everyone and taking into consideration those who work. I would recommend SWF to anyone looking to find renewed energy, health and fitness while making new friends along the way.  There really is something for everyone and those who aren’t sure of committing, it is great to have the Pay as You Go option so people can try something out

Ruth Ship
I’d recommend bootcamp to all ages, it’s a motivating, sociable way to get fit. I’ve made some great friends and particularly enjoy the ladies’ bootcamp on a Sunday. You really don’t need to be tremendously fit to go and Lorraine is a great motivator; the activities are always tailored to your own level of fitness. Why wait? Give it a go!

Katie Pieri
I come to boot camp because most importantly it is, always, without exception, a good workout! it’s different every week, so never boring. You make sure there is a fun, friendly atmosphere – everyone is welcomed. I love that it is outside on the common, and the sun nearly always shines! Good value for money and the time fits well into my day! X
Izzie manleyI never realised what fun Bootcamp can be. Started with the ladies only on a Sunday morning and now do a mixed one on a Monday night. I worried that I wouldn’t be fit enough at first, I was also a little nervous as I didn’t really know anyone. Everyone is friendly with different levels of abilities. Lorraine and Lynda both make sure you are working to your own level and push you when they know you can do it. I would highly recommend coming to Bootcamp. You will make friends, have fun and get fit all at the same time.

Pat Lodge
Why I think Lorraine’s classes are great and for everyone:Everyone, whatever age and whatever state of fitness, is made welcome. All the participants are friendly and supportive so you are not made to feel that you are holding things up. The activities are varied during each session and also week to week so it isn’t boring and time doesn’t drag. Lorraine and Lynda explain how to do every exercise and suggests alternatives if necessary. They encourage but never force. It’s even fun – well most of the time!I was vaguely fit when I started Boot camp after Christmas. I now can feel that I am fitter and this is making me want to do a bit more exercise – and I hate exercise and sport.

Debbie Gibson
9 months after the birth of my 1st child with the help of buggy bootcamp I have managed to lose that post baby weight that I struggled to shift by myself. Not only have I lost weight, but I have also lost inches and improved my stamina. I was a bit apprehensive at 1st as I hadn’t exercised for so long but every mum is in the same situation and Lorraine is very supportive in encouraging you to push yourself, whilst at the same time work at your own pace. It is a fun way to exercise where you don’t have to worry about childcare as you take your baby with you, and it is a great way to meet new mums and establish friendships. Each week is different and varied in the resources used, and the laughs you have a long the way, my favourite was the boxing( where you can get rid of that pent up aggression) the kettle bells, and the core work which focused on tightening those problem tummy muscles.I am now about to return to work and completed my last session at buggy bootcamp, id like to thank not only Lorraine but also my fellow booties for the wonderful experiences and support. See you at one of the other bootcamps!!!!!!!!!!

Lindsay Hodgson
After the birth of my third child I was struggling a little with life and a friend suggested I tried going to an exercise class. I decided to give Pilates a try having suffered with lower back pain for a number of years. Lorraine’s classes were recommended to me and slightly apprehensively I went along. I needn’t have worried, the class was very friendly and Lorraine is brilliant at pushing you as far as you can go without you ever feeling like you are being bullied or humiliated. A couple of months after I had started Pilates, boot camp began and to the amazement of my husband I decided to go along and give it a try. It is something I would never have tried in a million years but I felt comfortable to give it a go because of Lorraine’s attitude and encouragement. Although very different I enjoy both bootcamp and Pilates and as a bonus my back is much better!

Sophie Lane
I’ve done all sorts of training with Lorraine over the years including Combat, Attack and Bootcamps, but when I broke my foot in the summer, I was unable to continue the regular exercise I had become used to. Lorraine came to the rescue with personal training sessions from home just a few days after my injury. Having seen the improvements in my health, energy levels and weight after regular outdoor bootcamps, I was worried that with a 3 month break under doctors orders, my health would suffer and I would pile on the pounds. It was such a relief to know I could still exercise and keep myself fit with a broken foot! Lorraine concentrated on upper body training including boxing and kettle bells, core strength (lots of sit ups!) and pilates (lots of planks!) We certainly had a giggle with my hobbling around with an ankle boot trying to box!Lorraine is always so encouraging and gives you lots of praise which was a massive confidence boost for me at the time.I would recommend Lorraine for any rehabilitation after injury as much as physio as she will work within your limits and help build your strength.